rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
18 August, 06:41
Free resources for your business Part -9
#tools #marketing #software
Fast and easy ways to make your websites load faster - hint=>
Look under the WordPress tab there...

Popular symbols to copy and paste

Open Ecard Generator

Extension for Chrome that lets you track and avoid tech giants
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
28 July, 05:08
WP Ever #Funnel - #wordpress #plugin creates links that will expire and redirect at a set time. So for instance, if you're running an affiliate marketing campaign and the offer is closing in 5 days....

You set a link to expire after the 5 days are over and redirect people who click on the link after that time to another offer, squeeze page, or anywhere else. This is the same sort of thing we do in our business.
please read post , before requesting.
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
21 July, 07:53
WP Rocket - giveaway
The Best #wordpress #Caching #plugin , Simple and affordable.

Read post , before , contacting us.
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
21 July, 05:02
New > wpsecure - this plugin secures your #wordpress #Sites
Private message me for more info.
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
16 July, 05:27
Ultimate #seo #checklist for #wordpress lovers and others.
contact me for more info..
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
12 July, 06:56
wp-take #over #plugin #or #wordpress
contact me for more info
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
12 July, 06:55
Drop in reviews pro - #wordpress #plugin - easily create drop in reviews for any site in minutes
contact me for more info..
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
12 July, 06:52
#Recastly #video #Lightbox #Embedder #wordpress Plugin...
No one else is offering this. We take you through and show you how to embed the videos that you create with Recastly and display them in a lightbox on your WordPress site.

This is a great way to place your videos in sidebar widget areas or anywhere else and present them in a stylish manner.

You can do this all by using a free WordPress plugin...
contact me for more info..
Akash Sharma @Akash
08 July, 05:10

Best website to compare prices of new domains, renewal & transfer fee.

#domain #seo #domaining #domainer #wordpress
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
06 July, 06:26
#Powerhouse #Toolkit for #wordpress Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard customization is easier than before with WP Adminify. It can be your best choice as a WordPress Dashboard plugin because of its clean UI and lightweight size. The interface with 18 super modules will make your WordPress dashboard more enjoyable.
Frank Meester @go_62bf8ab304368
02 July, 06:50
Epik's 9% commission for Domains on Epik.
UnMatched 24/7 "live"support chat" .
Free WHOIS Privacy. Free SSL Parking Landers.
Free Forwarding .Free Basic Wordpress Site
Free Listing in Epik MarketPlace for Selling/Leasing
Domain transfers to Epik below cost.
(Affiliate link disclosure)
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
30 June, 06:22
Its Christmas 💥, Ho Ho . what do you want from #plugins #themes #wordpress
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
25 June, 03:10 (E)
Addictive Site Builder theme + plugin for wordpress #wordpress #plugin #theme
Contact me for more info
Addictive Site Builder Demo - YouTube

Addictive Site Builder Demo

rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
18 June, 11:11
Great plugin to generate content for a wordpress website , but you can still use Auto Spinner.
i have attached the auto spinner for you guys , free for the community.
My cloud link :

#wordpress #plugin #content

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