birdo .io @administrator
13 July, 07:59
How to create your #username , that increases your online presence .
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
13 July, 06:32
how to create a #google #adsense #account for youtube IN 1 DAY.

Step 1. Create a gmail account.
Choose your username: make sure it contains some kind of name.
Location: U.S
Step 2. Go to Youtube and create your channel.
> Channel Setting
> Verify channel with your phone number.
> Enable Monetization
> View monetization settings > find question " i will paid ..?"
> Click on it and then click "associate and adsense account"
Step 3. Fill up adsense sign up form with your details.
> But in "Street address": type "H.No. 111-13-34oldhousingboard" and change numbers.
Example: H.No.324-99-66ld
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
06 July, 06:02
IGExport - Export IG Followers/Following (chrome)

A #smart tool for #Instagram , one click to export #followers to csv, export following to csv.
A smart tool for Instagram, one click to export Instagram followers to csv, export Instagram following list to csv.

How it works?
1. Enter a Instagram username
2. Select export type (followers or following list),select include followers / follows count
3. Click the export button

Data Privacy
All data is processed in your local computer, it is never passing through our web server, no one knows what you exported.

rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
02 July, 09:38
Better profiles stand out better | how to improve it ..
#timeline #photo #username #link #description
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
30 June, 05:46
welcome to our new friends on .
fa_62bddd3f20393 @fa_62bddba9737f6
i would recommend our friends to create their username , it looks cooler .
birdo .io @administrator
20 May, 09:05
Hi everyone , when signing up, always claim your username before taken by someone, also you can apply for a blue badge. #bird #birdo #nfts #nft #social #people

Thanks everyone
The Team
birdo .io @administrator
20 May, 09:01
5 Quick tips for optimizing your
1 - Upload a timeline banner
2 - upload a picture
3 - introduce your self
4 - claim your username
5 - share , what you do best
these tips will help you standing out.
#birdo #optimizing #profile

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