rui ribeiro
2 months ago
contact #webmasters or #founders using this website anonymously . https://www.domain-contact...
Neha Kumari
2 months ago
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Jacksons MOT Centre Centre
2 months ago
It is a registered MOT Northampton Testing Station, recognised by Checkatrade, Remit, and various other motoring organizations. Quality and customer satisfaction was the key to this immense success
rui ribeiro
3 months ago
Great ai tools - I am currently researching this and there are ALOT of tools out there.
rui ribeiro
5 months ago
Post 3 : The second video has another account with the same name:


This has 116k subs and makes around £40 per day and between £1.3K - £21.5K per month according to #youtube #analytics 8.278M 72.7%

like i have always said , research and data are your best friends.
rui ribeiro
5 months ago
Post 2 - #videos get so many #views ?? with 0 subs??? on Youtube!
People use auto viewing software that opens multiple gmail accounts using multiple proxies. So they can watch their own videos with 100+ gmails at a time hands-free, and do it again and again for the whole day.
Most of them are doing this to show their prospects/buyers that the #software is working, and yes most of them are selling this software.
And tiktok videos are the best medium to be used for this since Youtube doesn't care much about all channels which promote tiktok videos anyway.
Will share a youtube channel , that is part of the video shared on first post.
rui ribeiro
5 months ago
Make a living by using #ChatGPT -4 to create and sell #content .
Download pdf : https://clou.do/en/OmyILss...
password is this site name.
rui ribeiro
5 months ago
Dragonflies are capable of flying sixty miles per hour, making them one of
the fastest insects. This is good since they are in a big hurry, as they only live
about twenty-four hours. #quotes #funny #dragonflies
rui ribeiro
5 months ago
ChatGPT pro templates/prompts
AIPRM adds a list of curated prompt templates for SEO, SaaS and more to #ChatGPT . Try today.
Are you looking for a quick and easy way to improve your website's search engine optimization? Your #marketing ? Your Sales and Support?

Look no further than the popular
AIPRM browser extension
with over 1,000,000 users.

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Chrome Extension: https://chrome.google.com/...

Please note this is free version but has more than 2800 prompts
Neha Kumari
5 months ago
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rui ribeiro
5 months ago
How to #rank on #google in Minutes using #ai Content and #domains .
Yes, you heard it right! Though there are many concerns about using AI generated content on blogs, here is a technique that would let you rank AI content in Google for money keywords, and make consistent passive income for you.

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AI Content Hack: How I Got Ranked on Google in Seconds! - YouTube

Ai Content Bot INSTANT Seo Ranking Hacktrying to get search rankings on your website... ai content not getting indexed fast enough... check out my instant ra...

rui ribeiro
5 months ago
Free - Create Your Own Chat Bot using ChatGPT API and React

In this course, you'll learn the fundamentals of building chatbots with #React and# ChatGPT API. You'll start by exploring the basics of React, including components, state, and props. Then, you'll dive into the ChatGPT #API and learn how to use its natural language processing capabilities to create intelligent and engaging chatbots.

rui ribeiro
5 months ago
Free - ChatGPT for Companies: Secure AI, Data Protection and Privacy

Are you interested in implementing #ChatGPT in your organization, but concerned about data confidentiality and privacy? Look no further than this introduction course, "ChatGPT in #Companies : Safe Use for #data Confidentiality and Privacy". Designed for company employees and executives, this course provides practical guidance on the secure use of ChatGPT, data protection best practices, ethical AI considerations, and insights from real-life case studies.

6 months ago
"Show up. Join us. Know us.”

We’re kicking off the beginning of Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month by coming together to celebrate and recognize the diversity, history and influence of this amazing community. #WeAreAPI #APIHM
Neha Kumari
7 months ago
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eric drula
12 months ago
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rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago
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Tianne Brown
1 yr. ago
Competition creates a destructive sense of lack. Conventional wisdom reveals this. When we say "when a door closes a window opens" most see this as optimism but, it isn't. In truth it says that one small space closes and reopens as a smaller space. Collaboration opens the floodgates of abundance. Abundance of ideas, momentum,synergy, resources giving way to infinite opportunities of reshaping destiny. Starting with your own.
Mintey NFT Marketplace
1 yr. ago
Hi, Birdo community,

We are dropping our first branding video for our upcoming NFT marketplace, planned to launch this October. 🚀

Would love to hear your thoughts!

#nfts #videos
Introducing Mintey - The NFT Marketplace build around WEB3 Commerce. - YouTube

Meet Mintey. A powerful, multi-chain NFT platform built to empower everyone to create. We empower digital creators and owners to dream big, use their talents...

rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago
Free resources for your business Part -14
#tools #marketing #software
Vintage photos from the public archives.
Free of known copyright restrictions.


online file converter


This browser extension removes cookie warnings from almost all websites


Link shorteners:
Kutt your links shorter.

rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago
Free resources for your business Part -5
#tools #marketing #software
Get notification on your Youtube subscriptions via email
Youtube discontinued email notification in August 2020. With this tool you'll get all new uploads from your subscriptions once a day in your inbox

Bridgy connects your web site to social media.
Likes, retweets, mentions, cross-posting, and more...

This site has some cool tools including Dictionary, Thesaurus, Distance Calculator, Periodic Table, Spellcheck, Atlas, Encyclopedia and others:
rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago
Free resources for your business Part -2
#tools #marketing #software
Proxy Server places !!

Web proxy sites:

This has links for proxies as well:

The Dirty Secret to Ranking #1 on Google (part 1 of 3)

Email Blacklist Check
Sam Lucas
1 yr. ago
On Leadership
By: Sam Lucas, Business Development Specialist

Organizations exist because individuals can not accomplish most of humans needs, especially in modern times. Management is to insure plans are always communicate, tasks are implemented, in time, quality, and quantity. People are rewarded for success, and reprimanded for bad performance if necessary. This is important as, people like to show others what they have done. But on the other hand, be well aware, that all tasks are inspected, people are constantly evaluated, and regulations are kept! With no management you are striving for chaos

Picture: CHAOS, must be avoided.
rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago
Aes.tools is most powerful web based tool to extract #emails by various techniques like website crawl, URL crawl, search in #google /Bing, search in txt file. Not only that by this #tools can check email validation (pattern, MX record) , search for whois data, filter your email list by removing duplicate emails, check web page status .It is designed carefully so that you can install and use it very easily.
rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago
WP Ever #Funnel - #wordpress #plugin creates links that will expire and redirect at a set time. So for instance, if you're running an affiliate marketing campaign and the offer is closing in 5 days....

You set a link to expire after the 5 days are over and redirect people who click on the link after that time to another offer, squeeze page, or anywhere else. This is the same sort of thing we do in our business.
please read post , before requesting.
Hitesh Wadhwa
1 yr. ago (E)
Hello Birdo Members.. here is the link to my DAN portfolio -
This is not my complete portfolio.

If you birdos are interested in any of the domains at reseller price then drop me a message on birdo.io or contact via WhatsApp +91 99 5858 8118
rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago
50 profitable Keywords for #domains and #Products
1. Competition: under 15. (0 to 100 = the lower the better)
2. 3+ words.
3. Commercial intent: more than 50. Roghly it means that more than 50% of people searching for this keywords want to buy smth.
... and more.
Read post , before , contacting us.
rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago
here on birdo.io , you will find resources , free and paid that you cant find anywhere , this is , what makes birdo.io , your friend , your network , your tool , your cash cow.
#Web #tools #Resources
rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago
Great list to get #free #images for commercial use

http://openphoto.net/ - A well organized and labelled source of quality photographs.
https://stocksnap.io/ - Really nice, non-cheesy royalty free images
http://morguefile.com/ - Pay no attention to the odd name of this site. Awesome search features.
http://www.freepik.com/ - Free vectors, icons, photos and more (Check Individual image Licenses)
https://dribbble.com/searc... – Some nice free PSD files.

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