rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
18 August, 06:57
Free resources for your business Part -13
#tools #marketing #software
Social Fixer for Facebook Plugin.
You get to pick which features you want to use:
Hide Sponsored Posts
Auto-switch to the Most Recent news feed
Hide Politics
Filter your news feed by keyword, author, and more
Friend Manager notifies you when you've been unfriended and more
Tabbed news feed organizes posts by games, apps, author
Hide parts of the page you don't want to see
Don't show posts again once you've read them
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
18 August, 06:32
Free resources for your business Part -5
#tools #marketing #software
Get notification on your Youtube subscriptions via email
Youtube discontinued email notification in August 2020. With this tool you'll get all new uploads from your subscriptions once a day in your inbox

Bridgy connects your web site to social media.
Likes, retweets, mentions, cross-posting, and more...

This site has some cool tools including Dictionary, Thesaurus, Distance Calculator, Periodic Table, Spellcheck, Atlas, Encyclopedia and others:
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
18 August, 06:30
Free resources for your business Part -4
#tools #marketing #software
Find Your Peace

Downloader online to download your social videos.
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
13 August, 07:40
How to verify social accounts using fake numbers for automation tools. #sms #verification #free
My fav sites : and
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
12 August, 09:02
Mr. Company @Mrcompany
06 August, 07:12
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
21 July, 07:28 (E)
hello , Friends.
we have asked to support our website , from creating one post , or to share with your friends , but not seeing that much.
only a few friends , have posted , shared , etc..
This is a #friends #social #network , where we help each other , we dont just take.
Please dont comment , or ask to share , if we not on the same boat.
Todays rules will be :
1 - your profile is updated
2 - you have posted something for the community or you have shared .
we need to be on same boat , one goal , one network.
we care about quality , over quantity .
Thank you for your understanding
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
20 July, 08:06
Top 10 #seo Priorities
1. #meta tag coding
2. URL structure and redirects
3. Mobile or responsive websites
4. Site maps and robots.txt
5. Blogging and social media integration
6. Keyword content and landing pages
7. Link-building
8. #Local #seo
9. Paid search (PPC)
10. Ongoing SEO maintenance
Tianne Brown @the9thpower
20 July, 05:54
Hi everyone! Let's try to make it a practice to post on all your social media platforms 3 times per week. This will help our community grow and we can be a beacon for those looking for real information they can take action on.
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
10 July, 06:14
Free tool to search for end users #social #rip #users #domains
squad .domains @squaddomains
06 July, 05:22 now available #connect #network #social #domains
eric drula @esselte974
06 July, 01:27
Social Media to Build Your Brand
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
05 July, 07:11
video reel - lets you create #short and long #videos that can be used for #marketing , to get your message across, for announcing something on your social media profiles, for Facebook and Social Media video ad campaigns, to create eye-catching animated posts and so much more.
contact me for more info..
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
30 June, 09:10
Top 3 #Side #Hustles that Pay $100 per Hour
When it comes to side hustles, most Internet #Marketers only think about low-paying outsourced jobs like data entry assistants or starting a service on Fiverr. Most of these services offered are in the B2C domain.

However, there are many side hustles in the B2B domain that can fetch you top #dollars . Check this article on #CNBC for more details.

I for myself, help small companies to manage their blog content and social media channels and I can vouch that the info in the article is legit.

Feel free to share other online side hustles that can earn a decent income.
Vikas Rogha @Victor84
30 June, 04:20
Anyone Knows of any tool/plugin for website which can do Auto Publising of articles on all Major Social Media sites.

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