rui ribeiro
3 months ago
eric drula
10 months ago
How to use social networks to stand out https://esselte974.fr/how-...
Mr. Company
1 yr. ago
eric drula
1 yr. ago
Why Network Marketing is the Best Job https://esselte974.fr/why-...
rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago
here on birdo.io , you will find resources , free and paid that you cant find anywhere , this is , what makes birdo.io , your friend , your network , your tool , your cash cow.
#Web #tools #Resources
rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago (E)
hello , Birdo.io Friends.
we have asked to support our website , from creating one post , or to share with your friends , but not seeing that much.
only a few friends , have posted , shared , etc..
This is a #friends #social #network , where we help each other , we dont just take.
Please dont comment , or ask to share , if we not on the same boat.
Todays rules will be :
1 - your profile is updated
2 - you have posted something for the community or you have shared Birdo.io .
we need to be on same boat , one goal , one network.
we care about quality , over quantity .
Thank you for your understanding
Tianne Brown
1 yr. ago
I own the domain checkyourzipcode(dot) com and want to use it for medicare supplement plan leads. What affiliate networks are good for this and who can develop a lead site similar to the (dot) org version? Reply in thread
squad .domains
1 yr. ago
connect.st now available #connect #network #social #domains
rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago
Domain lab TikTok experiment #domains #tiktok #testing #experiment 💪 working.
so today , i create 11 videos on tiktok , with the target url , and results are stunning so far. 🚀
i will be sharing the results , next Saturday , live on the clubhouse , where i will talk about this new experiment and introduce a new one. 💡
we will do an experiment every single week .
Feel free to join Domainlab on the clubhouse.
#domain #network #experiments #testing
birdo .io
1 yr. ago
A message from the Founder | Birdo.io
#founder #dergh #social #network

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