registry @registry
13 September, 05:02 (E)
Selling Domains
I Have - AUD$20-40 - AUD$20-40 - AUD$20-40 - $10-20 - $10-20 - $10-20
to get domain please contact me on ither messages or
Mr. Company @Mrcompany
06 August, 05:04
Dn pipeline available for $25 lifetime #dn #domains #pipeline
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
26 July, 06:13
goldmine #seeker - "hidden internet #goldmine #seeker " #software shows avail. #domains that sell fast!
please read post , before requesting :
Hitesh Wadhwa @domainofy
25 July, 12:59 (E)
Hello Birdo Members.. here is the link to my DAN portfolio -
This is not my complete portfolio.

If you birdos are interested in any of the domains at reseller price then drop me a message on or contact via WhatsApp +91 99 5858 8118
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
23 July, 10:40
50 profitable Keywords for #domains and #Products
1. Competition: under 15. (0 to 100 = the lower the better)
2. 3+ words.
3. Commercial intent: more than 50. Roghly it means that more than 50% of people searching for this keywords want to buy smth.
... and more.
Read post , before , contacting us.
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
23 July, 09:28 (E)
hello , friends
i have been watching the efforts of some users that want be part one goal , success. i have selected some friends here that have been involved and believe me , all the way long.
im launching a new venture , that is gonna change your life forever.
i will be talking more about it , on the clubhouse at 15:00 uk
@gdomains @emonxmahfuz @the9thpower @Mouaad @ruiribeiro @Victor84
Please be there , if you would like to be part.
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
21 July, 09:20
Great website to find domains
#domains #websites #tool
Read post , before , contacting us.
Dave Villacreses @vpwb
20 July, 01:41
Hi admin, you promised to share a new way to sell domains, where can we read that post?

rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
17 July, 11:28
Domain hacking > how to quick flip domains , using people's types.
This domain hacking strategy is only available to users.
Please contact me to access THE pdf . #domain #hacks #keywords #quick #flip
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
15 July, 09:19
Us cities by population file , download link expires in one day .
#domains #domainers #cities #us
Hitesh Wadhwa @domainofy
15 July, 05:25 (E)
Domains for sale!

Registrar - Dynadot
Expiry - 19 July 2022
Registered Since 20 July 2017
Age - 5 Years

Transfer - Push / Auth Code

Price - $100 each

Happy Domaining !!
Doug Peters @SymbioticDesign
15 July, 04:20 (E)
Hello, Fellow Domainers!
Just got here; wanted to say "Hi".

My Intro...
I run Symbiotic Design which has a few properties such as https://www.DomainHostmast... for inexpensive domain registrations, and https://HDWebHosting for web hosting. I use https://Domainers.Name for my own portfolio, although I do have domains listed at ( & at Sedo, as well.

I started Symbiotic Design in 1997 after designing a few websites. I just kept expanding the business in order to meet the needs of my clients, but now I've been retired for a few years, so I am mostly just working on my own brands...
Akash Sharma @Akash
14 July, 05:07
What is the best tool to backorder the domains.?
rui ribeiro @ruiribeiro
13 July, 07:39
Hello , everyone
lets get our community together , lets share , lets post.
its only me , and a couple people sharing. im sharing a lot content , to help the community , the feedback is 3 out of 100.
i dont think the content is good anymore, because if there is not feedback , means no good.
Please comment below , what i should do.
#domains #names #leads #nfts i will make a decision based on people's feedback # cant do alone guys.

dont share


not sure

George Morson @gdomains
12 July, 04:55
Hi guys I am looking for a tool to use to find geo domains can anyone help ?

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