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06 December, 10:21
If you love gaming and looking for an app where you can watch the live stream, then Rooter is the app for you. Watch the streaming game on Rooter Live. It is the best gaming app. Stream and watch your favorite sports and get a chance to win a variety of incredible gifts and giveaways.

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19 November, 05:35
MWR LIFE: THE PRIVATE CLUB FOR TRAVELERS AT THE CROSSROADS OF THE WORLDS @esselte974 /video/7167419036341521670?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id=7163978029973636614" target="_blank" class="inline-link">
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22 October, 09:41
The secrets of the Dark web , tomorrow on the clubhouse . 23 , October , 15:00 U.K. time .
#Secrets #darkweb #Web #internet .
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16 October, 12:50
Write and talk Automatically! Transcribe Content From wikipedia or websites . #tool #transcribe #content
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16 October, 11:34
Great seo checklist to rank websites #seo #Sites #rank
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22 September, 05:26
#Professional and #Fully Cloud-Based Platform
Make Easy Money By #Selling Flipbooks, eBook and Articles on Amazon KDP, Shopify, Etc
User-Friendly Flipbooks Creator Software
Embed Flipbooks On Your Website
Inbuilt Cover Creator Feature
100+ Premade Templates and Flipbook Covers
Millions Of Pre-Made eBooks With PLR License
Inbuilt Content and Article Generator Feature
Multiple Niche Premade Flipbooks and eBooks

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18 August, 06:58
Free resources for your business Part -14
#tools #marketing #software
Vintage photos from the public archives.
Free of known copyright restrictions.

online file converter

This browser extension removes cookie warnings from almost all websites


Link shorteners:
Kutt your links shorter.
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18 August, 06:53
Free resources for your business Part -1 1
#tools #marketing #software
Text and html changing, converting, and generating tools designed to save you time making web pages or preparing content for web publishing projects

Free music discovery site used in over 1 million videos and games

SSL Security Test

Upload and host your images on the Internet, forever.

TUNS (Twitter Unfollower Notification Service) allow you to Keep track of your unfollowers.
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18 August, 06:52
Free resources for your business Part -1 0
#tools #marketing #software
Share your slide decks with Sizle for better security, view alerts and real-time analytics.

EDUPRO100 (100% discount on monthly license with no end date)
EDUANNUAL100 (100% discount on annual license)

Download and Save Instagram videos from any user

Dotgrid is a grid-based vector drawing software designed to create logos, icons and type:


Tooll2 is an free open source solution for creating interactive 3d content and animations:
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18 August, 06:41
Free resources for your business Part -9
#tools #marketing #software
Fast and easy ways to make your websites load faster - hint=>
Look under the WordPress tab there...

Popular symbols to copy and paste

Open Ecard Generator

Extension for Chrome that lets you track and avoid tech giants
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18 August, 06:40
Free resources for your business Part -8
#tools #marketing #software

Real-Time Website Privacy Inspector
Who is peeking over your shoulder while you work, watch videos, learn, explore, and shop on the internet? Enter the address of any website, and Blacklight will scan it and reveal the specific user-tracking technologies on the site—and who’s getting your data. You may be surprised at what you learn.

One Million Sites Affected: Four Severe Vulnerabilities Patched in Ninja Forms
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18 August, 06:36 (E)
Free resources for your business Part -7 #tools #marketing #software


Just read the URL here:

Royalty free Illustrations:
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18 August, 06:32
Free resources for your business Part -5
#tools #marketing #software
Get notification on your Youtube subscriptions via email
Youtube discontinued email notification in August 2020. With this tool you'll get all new uploads from your subscriptions once a day in your inbox

Bridgy connects your web site to social media.
Likes, retweets, mentions, cross-posting, and more...

This site has some cool tools including Dictionary, Thesaurus, Distance Calculator, Periodic Table, Spellcheck, Atlas, Encyclopedia and others:
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18 August, 06:28
Free resources for your business Part -3
#tools #marketing #software
Free transparent PNG images for everyone.

Free Premium Music for Your Projects

free to use illustrations and vectors for your next personal or commercial project.

How To Secure And Protect A Website [We Asked 38 Experts]

Quickly add any annotation to your screenshot for free
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18 August, 06:27
Free resources for your business Part -2
#tools #marketing #software
Proxy Server places !!

Web proxy sites:

This has links for proxies as well:

The Dirty Secret to Ranking #1 on Google (part 1 of 3)

Email Blacklist Check

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