rui ribeiro
24 days ago (E)
Post 1 - videos get so many views?? with 0 subs??? on Youtube! how they do it , will share in post 2 . #youtube #video #Viral

video makes about £50 pounds a day and between £122 - £2K per month. according to YouTube analytics. 753.432K 64.2%
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rui ribeiro
10 months ago
newsly - make money from 100% automated, self-updating, self-monetizing “viral news sites”
please read post , before requesting.
rui ribeiro
11 months ago
#Viral #plugins : Like #kingsumo and similar.
-#People subscribe to get something, they must share to get more points to get in the top of the list to have more than promised.
-If bundled with the live videos or any form of traffic, you will get more than what you paid and worked for... So why limit yourself when you can have more results for the same work?
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