rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago
Stock #Photos #Downloader , that you normally have to pay for..

Most of the time files downloaded from there are not with their biggest size, but at least do not have the watermark and can be used inside your projects. For me works fine to import them in Canva.

contact me for more info..
rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago
Secret #images and #Vectors Website
This website is not like the rest which give just plain JPG files, here you can find and download: vectors, no background PNGs, full size images..

They do not have ALL the files from the above host but their collection is pretty big, I personally use the search function on the top right and everytime there are nice results which I can use with Canva.com .
contact me for more info..
rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago
How to Get #Canva #pro #free

Here are the steps of getting canvas pro free for a month without using your email or credit card
Go to Canva.com
Login into Canva.com via any fake Gmail id because Canva doesn't do any verification so use any mail comes into your mind even ilikecanvagmail.com
Then Go to https://namso-gen.com/
Create a credit card using [527253 ]bin number
Now claim your Canva pro account using this fake credit card
Note - You can create unlimited accounts using this trick
Bonus - You can also claim free
Note: this is for education purposes.
i dont suggest anyone to do it and im not responsible for your acts.

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