fiorenza mella
3 months ago
How would you create a scrolling site about a unique product that is incredibly diverse in what it does?
Readers would assume that the information at the top is the most important ‘point’, and that things which follow are less hierarchically important details.

When reading the new VB330 webpage for example, you will need to keep scrolling and hopefully you'll manage to grasp all the various tasks it performs when monitoring and analysing thousands of streams.

#website #monitoring #analysis #broadcastmedia #broadband #telecom #contentstrategy #content
rui ribeiro
5 months ago
Free course - How to Deliver #Technology #Presentations -Few left

Mr. Company
1 yr. ago
rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago
how to create a #google #adsense #account for youtube IN 1 DAY.

Step 1. Create a gmail account.
Choose your username: make sure it contains some kind of name.
Example: thomassmallinggmail.com
Location: U.S
Step 2. Go to Youtube and create your channel.
> Channel Setting
> Verify channel with your phone number.
> Enable Monetization
> View monetization settings > find question "..how i will paid ..?"
> Click on it and then click "associate and adsense account"
Step 3. Fill up adsense sign up form with your details.
> But in "Street address": type "H.No. 111-13-34oldhousingboard" and change numbers.
Example: H.No.324-99-66ld
squad .domains
1 yr. ago
SLOT.PARTY now available #slot #party #casino #domains
rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago
rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago
rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago
Top 3 #Side #Hustles that Pay $100 per Hour
When it comes to side hustles, most Internet #Marketers only think about low-paying outsourced jobs like data entry assistants or starting a service on Fiverr. Most of these services offered are in the B2C domain.

However, there are many side hustles in the B2B domain that can fetch you top #dollars . Check this article on #CNBC for more details.

I for myself, help small companies to manage their blog content and social media channels and I can vouch that the info in the article is legit.

Feel free to share other online side hustles that can earn a decent income.

rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago (E)
Email Swipe Generator , create awesome email swipes for your email campaigns. #email #swipes #campaigns
contact me for more info 😄
rui ribeiro
1 yr. ago
Great tool to check for malicious PHP code #php #malicious #code


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