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06 August, 09:16
On Leadership
By: Sam Lucas, Business Development Specialist

Organizations exist because individuals can not accomplish most of humans needs, especially in modern times. Management is to insure plans are always communicate, tasks are implemented, in time, quality, and quantity. People are rewarded for success, and reprimanded for bad performance if necessary. This is important as, people like to show others what they have done. But on the other hand, be well aware, that all tasks are inspected, people are constantly evaluated, and regulations are kept! With no management you are striving for chaos

Picture: CHAOS, must be avoided.
Sam Lucas @go_62ed0548f1447
05 August, 12:35
Hi, I am Sam Lucas, and I am fine! I am born in The Holly land, and of the Jewish faith. The video blow "Happy New Year", I took in Jerusalem, and Bethlehem, of the Christmas Mass.
Sam Lucas @go_62ed0548f1447
05 August, 12:26
Happy New Year - Bethlehem Christmas Mass - Abba, Sam Lucas .NL. - YouTube

Happy New Year - Bethlehem Christmas Mass - Abba, Sam Lucas .NL.Main Artist: ABBAAlbum: Super TrouperReleased: 1980Genre: SeasonalB-side: "Andante, Andante"-...