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13 July, 08:00
how to apply for a blue badge . #bule #badge
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13 July, 07:59
How to create your #username , that increases your online presence .
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04 July, 05:50
Profiles only sell , it looks good , only requires a bit of housekeeping.👍
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04 July, 05:48
Hello , everyone
im so happy to have everyone here , on
we only request you , please to optimize your profile to get to know you , that way we can share all the content with you and keeps the platform clean.
if you are requesting a post : you need to update your profile.
Please follow this post:
Then please contact us anytime , and engaged with us , lets see , what you got.
Many Regards
The Team
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20 May, 09:05
Hi everyone , when signing up, always claim your username before taken by someone, also you can apply for a blue badge. #bird #birdo #nfts #nft #social #people

Thanks everyone
The Team
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20 May, 09:01
5 Quick tips for optimizing your
1 - Upload a timeline banner
2 - upload a picture
3 - introduce your self
4 - claim your username
5 - share , what you do best
these tips will help you standing out.
#birdo #optimizing #profile
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20 May, 08:59
A message from the Founder |
#founder #dergh #social #network
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20 May, 08:57
Advertise with , just ad credit and you ready to go.

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20 May, 08:50 (E)
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